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Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet

Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet

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The Ultimate Solution for a clean and Hygienic Dog Toilet Environment. 

Discover the revolutionary Fydoo® Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet, designed to provide a convenient and hygienic solution for your pet's bathroom needs. 

With its advanced self-cleaning mechanism, this innovative dog toilet ensures a clean and odour-free home environment while minimising your cleaning efforts.  
Say goodbye to messy accidents and welcome a hassle-free way to keep your furry companion happy and comfortable. 


SIZE ‍- 87cm L x 57cm W (Suitable for dogs up to 30kg)


Waste Hose Length - 100cm

Key Features: 

1. Self-Cleaning Mechanism:  

The Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet automatically removes and disposes of waste, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. With its timed cleaning cycles, it ensures a consistently clean and sanitary surface for your dog. 

Fydoo is fitted with a safety / proximity sensor that triggers the timed cleaning cycle after each use, this ensures a consistently clean and sanitary surface for your dog. 

Don't Worry, if the dog jumps onto it while it is in motion, the safety sensor will stop the system & re-start after there is nothing triggering the sensor. 


2. Odor Control:  

Equipped with a powerful odour & sanitisation system which utilises our specially formulated Fydoo Sanitiser Disks, this dog toilet helps to neutralise unpleasant smells. Say farewell to lingering odours and enjoy a fresh-smelling home. 


3. Easy Maintenance:  

The Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet is designed for ease of use & effortless maintenance. The Fydoo Grass Loop is easily removable and disposable, making cleanup a breeze. 


4. Pet-Friendly Design:  

This dog toilet features a spacious and comfortable platform that accommodates dogs upto 30kg in size. The non-slip surface ensures stability and prevents accidents. 


5. Durable and Hygienic:  

Crafted from high-quality and easy-to-clean materials, the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet is built to last. Its antimicrobial surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, promoting a healthy and hygienic environment for your dog. 


6. Eco-Friendly Solution:  

With the use of the Sanitiser Disks which are made from eco-friendly materials, they are not only safe for the environment but also extend the life of the grass loop. 

The Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet is a sustainable choice. Reduce your carbon footprint while providing a convenient solution for your pet's needs. 


Why Choose Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet: 

- Say goodbye to messy cleanup and time-consuming maintenance. 

- Enjoy a clean and odour-free home environment. 

- Provide a comfortable and hygienic bathroom solution for your pet. 

- Save money on expensive disposable pads or constant cleaning supplies. 

- Reduce your environmental impact with its eco-friendly design. 

- Help eliminate harmful germs, bacteria & viruses spreading throughout your home. 



Invest in the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet and provide your furry friend with a clean and hygienic bathroom solution.  

Say goodbye to messy accidents and time-consuming clean ups, and enjoy a fresh-smelling home. With its self-cleaning mechanism, odour control features, and pet-friendly design, the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet is the ultimate choice for a hassle-free and convenient pet care experience.  

Order yours today and make both you and your pet's lives easier and more enjoyable. 







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