• Completely read the instruction manual before attempting set-up.
  • Watch the installation video for assistance.
  • Anti-burst hose fittings are recommended if the unit is being installed indoors.
  • Apply plumbers Teflon waterproof tape to the following parts (Recommended)

               - Waste exit hose connection (White connection under Fydoo)

               - Brass thread prior to screwing on the water hose connection piece.  

               - Sanitizer lid thread prior to screwing into the Fydoo.


(1) Confirm battery is charged & red lights appear when you press the power status button on the front of battery.

(2) Double check the battery is slotted into the Fydoo correctly, making sure to firmly push it in until you hear a click sound. (This is often the issue)

(3) Check the red indicator light on the back of the sensor lights (Seen on the inside of cleaning chamber) up when you put your hand in front of it. 

  • (This not only signals that there is power to the sensor but in fact we have designed it so the sensor is an easy way of checking the full electrical circuit is working & powering the - PCB (Motherboard), Battery Terminals, Power Switch, Water Valve.

(4) Complete the activation / testing steps –

  • 10 seconds of holding hand in front of sensor, keeping it still (no waving)
  • Remove hand & do not interrupt the sensor or it will restart the 30sec delay again (A safety feature)
  • 30 second delay & sensor with activate the PCB, the following will occur-

- The motor will turn on & rotate the roller

  • The water valve opens & water sprays out of jets.

(5) If the grass is not turning and you can see that the roller is rotating then an adjustment of the grass tension using the Allen key is required.