Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Fydoo work?

The Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet is mechanically driven using a specially designed motor system & a motion sensor that triggers the cleaning cycle after the dog uses the system & jumps off.

The Fydoo Grass Loop is then slowly rotated passing it under high-pressure water spray jets, cleaning it free from faeces & urine.

The solid waste is broken down inside the cleaning chamber by the pressure of water and the compounds within the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks.

This is all then washed out of the system into an approved waste drain in the floor.

Do I need a Plumber to install?

No, as long as you have a mains water tap, it is no different than installing a general garden hose & fitting.

Does it require any assembly?

We ship the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet assembled, however the some of the things required to do are:

  1. Connect the water hose to the mains water tap & then onto the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet.
  2. Add the Fydoo Sanitizer Disks to the dispenser.
  3. Connect the waste hose to the toilet and then into the waste floor drain.
  4. Add the rechargable batteries to the unit & swith on.

We have ensured that any assembly needed is as simple and effortless as possible.

*Note - Connect to an approved waste water, Sewer water, foul water drain (not a storm water drain which runs to the ocean, dam, creek, river or water way). This type of drain can be found in areas such as your bathroom, laundry, kitchen & balconies which are connected to that system.

It is recommended to check with your building manager.

What maintenance is required?

We have designed the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet in a way for there to be minimal maintenance other than:

  • Occasional replacement of the Fydoo Grass Loop.
  • Charging of the rechargable battery.
  • Adding of the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks as you use them.
  • Emptying of the waste strainer basket when full.
  • Monthly wash down with fresh water using the Fydoo Cleaner Spray.

Does it breakdown & dispose of the solid waste?

The short answer is yes, however not all poo is created equal and their may be times Fydoo is not able to process it 100%.

This can be due to various factors such as -

  • Too many poos in a short period of time
  • Too many dogs using the one unit.
  • Not using the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks.
  • Waste trays not installed properly.

As there are many uncontrolled variables, we can’t guarantee Fydoo will & can successfully break down all of your dogs poos.

We highly recommend that you check your system frequently for unprocessed poo or foreign objects, removing it when you recharge the battery & replace the Sanitizer Disks.

This helps to eliminate any potential blockages or it overflowing.

What if my dog jumps onto it when it is moving?

The proximity sensor doubles as a safety sensor so if your dog uses the toilet when it is moving, the sensor will stop the cleaning cycle.

Once the sensor does not sense any movement, it will continue the cleaning cycle as normal.

How do I teach my dog to use it?

The artificial grass fibres are designed specifically to look like natural grass. In many ways getting your pet to use an artificial grass toilet is just like training them to sit.
Use the same principles of positive reinforcement and plenty of treats.

They will be potty trained in no time.

We have also consulted with a large number of leading dog trainers and all of them say -

“Every dog can be trained and is the responsibility of the pet owner to consistently teach their pet until confident”.

Read Our Training Guide Below -

Potty training your puppy or adult dog can be a challenge. Grass pads (Real or Synthetic) are advertised as being a part of “intuitive housetraining”, meaning that you don’t need to teach your dog how to use it.

They will inmost part just know that the grass is for peeing. To a degree, this method works, but here are some steps to follow to ensure your dog’s housetraining success:

1. Keep the Fydoo dog toilet in a convenient place

It’s good to keep the Fydoo Dog toilet accessible to your pup. If they spend the most time downstairs, in the living room, keep the toilet accessible to them.

It is unlikely that your dog is going to squeeze their legs together and waddle upstairs to their grass shrine to relieve themselves.

2. Expect mistakes to happen

Even if your pup takes to peeing and pooping on the toilet quite quickly, mistakes do happen! Sometimes they are in a different area of the house and just can’t hold it. It’s not worth scaring or screaming at your dog. It is entirely useless in fact. Fear is not a good way to obedience train.

The best thing to do is clap gently to interrupt them then scoop them up to take them to their Fydoo toilet.

Take your puppy to his new Fydoo dog toilet as soon as you catch him. If he stopped when you interrupted him, he might finish on the toilet and you can reward him when he does. If he doesn’t finish on the toilet, at least you have shown him where he should have gone.

3. Stick to a routine

The frequency of potty time depends on your dog’s age. If you are housetraining a puppy, it is quite predictable when they will need to pee or poop.

Common points of the day are:

  • After waking up
  • Before going to bed
  • Around 1-3 hours after eating and drinking
  • After playing
  • After napping
  • After you have established a routine for pee and poop times, guide your pup to their toilet to use. They will soon take themselves to the toilet which is the goal!

4. Be patient

Some dogs are easier to housetrain than others. Sometimes it is to do with the breed. Sometimes you just have a strong, stubborn personality on your hands.

Housetraining can take weeks or months to nail so do be patient with your doggy.

And remember,

“Every dog can be trained and is the responsibility of the pet owner to consistently teach their pet until confident”

Will the sanitiser disks deter my dog from using the product?

No, the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks are specifically designed not to cause any discomfort to the dog's smell.

They have a low fragrance & are designed to breakdown the organic waste that cause the odours.

How often do I replace the Grass Loop & Sanitizer Disks?

Disk Lifecycle -

Approximately 1 week per disk based on the average amount of cycles (8 per day) a full-time dog users / activates the cleaning cycle. 

Grass Loop Lifecycle -

Fydoo Self Cleaning Dog Toilet is designed to maximise the life span of the grass loop when used in conjunction with the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks, making it an affordable system to maintain.

The frequency of the grass loop replacement will depend on the amount of use but as a guide, it can last up to 6 months with a single dog using the toilet.

Since all dogs go to the toilet a different amount of times to each other, it really is a trial & error process until you understand your dog’s habits.

How easy is it to replace the Fydoo Grass Loop?

We have designed the grass loop specifically for the Fydoo toilet.

It is made from durable, odour resistant materials with a low pile for easy cleaning & draining.

The Fydoo Grass Loop has a zipper so all you need to do is unzip the zipper, remove & put in the new one.

Do I need to use the Fydoo Sanitizer Disks?

Yes, Fydoo Sanitiser Disks are not only designed to keep the toilet clean and help the grass loop last longer, reduce the spread of harmful germs & bacteria thorough out your home.

The will also help to keep the system, hoses & drain free from blockages – a very important part of the process.

These need to be replaced frequently, this will depend on how often the cleaning cycle is triggered each day.

Note - The use of the Sanitizer Disks make up part of your product warranty.

Where can I buy more Fydoo Grass & Sanitizer Disks?

The Fydoo Sanitiser Disks are available on the Fydoo website or from any of our approved resellers.

How long does the battery last per charge?

The battery will last more than a week based off a single charge with one dog going to the toilet 8 times per day.

Note that this is just an approximate as each dog will use the toilet a different amount of times per day.

How long does the battery take to charge?

This takes approximately 1.5 hours to recharge.

To make things more convenient, we recommend purchasing an extra battery so you have one on had at all times.

What do I do if there is a blockage?

  • Remove and empty the waste strainer basket inside the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Toilet.
  • Remove the waste hose and wash clear from any solids that may be stuck.
  • Check the waste hose connection is free from blockages.

We have designed the Fydoo Self-Cleaning Dog Toilet in a way so that any blockages are minimised by capturing large items in the waste strainer basket that cannot be washed away.

Using the Fydoo Sanitiser Disks are an important part of the system, keeping things free from blockages.

  • Fydoo holds no responsibility for any damages that occur due to lack of maintenance, blockages, flooding etc caused.

How long is the waste drain hose?

The waste drain hose is 1.5 meters long & can be easily cut down to suite the required length for installation.