In The Media

Shark Tank Australia Appearance

Fydoo made a splash on Shark Tank Australia, captivating the judges with its innovative self-cleaning dog toilet. The show highlighted Fydoo's potential to revolutionize pet care, offering a convenient and hygienic solution for pet waste management. This appearance significantly boosted Fydoo's visibility and credibility, attracting attention from pet owners and industry experts alike.

Pretty Fluffy Feature

Pretty Fluffy, a popular pet lifestyle blog, featured Fydoo in an article praising its innovative design and practicality. The article emphasized Fydoo's ability to keep homes clean and odor-free while providing a comfortable bathroom solution for pets. Pretty Fluffy's editors lauded the product for addressing a common problem faced by pet owners with a modern and efficient solution.

Australian Dog Lover Review

Australian Dog Lover, a well-known pet enthusiast site, reviewed the Fydoo self-cleaning dog toilet and gave it high marks for its functionality and eco-friendly design. The review detailed the benefits of Fydoo's automatic cleaning system, its ability to reduce germs and odors, and its user-friendly setup. The site also highlighted the positive feedback from early adopters and pet owners.